Trouble sleeping 1

10. 4. 2013 000 20:04

I found your website On the Internet , because I suffer from insomnia for many years. Because I live far away from Brno Mr. Cvrk offered distance healing . The first week I felt more calm, but insomnia still persisted. I note that I had previously tried all the popular means for a good night’s sleep, tea, lemon balm and valerian, ventilated room, walking the dog before , but all that did not bring any effect. The first partial success brought the advise to take a 20-minute warm bath of 4 kg of salt. The first time I was pleasantly asleep and slept three hours. Finally, you wrote me affirmations that you said to read on bedtime and also advised me good relaxing music when preparing to sleep. I can say that my problems with insomnia are largely resolved, although I sometimes still wake up at night. Then I use the recommended practice and I can fall asleep again .
Thank you.

Sonia F., Stráž | Czech Republic