How does distance healing work?

For a “rough” idea go to the heading treatment method where everything is described.

Who can benefit from distance healing?

All those who for some reason cannot or do not want to come in person, or people who are far away.

Can I order distance healing for someone else?

Yes, with the consent of the person concerned. I could possibly act without consent, but you need to be connected, and then get permission or not.

How do you do that?

Mostly by a sense of improvement, which can sometimes appear almost immediately or within a short period of time. If you feel nothing, it’s also okay, the treatment will have an effect, you probably need more time, just hold on and you will be sure to get relief.

Do you perform on animals, which ones?

Animals are not treated frequently, but if I get an offer, we can try. The treatment is primarily for human beings, but a special resonator could basically be constructed for any animal.

Do I have to come to you for a consultation?

The principle advantage and distance healing is that you don’t have to go anywhere. But if you are local and you can come in person, it’s better, because everything can be discussed individually.

Can I order distance healing over the phone?

Yes, you can either call +420 777 340 763 (Ing. Vladimir Cvrk), or order here, or using the contact form.