Method of treatment

Distance healing – How did I start?

Distance healing The first time I used the system was in February 1995 at the Dudince spa, when I was asked to help a 29-year-old woman Martha V., who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was in intensive care at a hospital in Banska Bystrica, located about 80 km away. Direct contact was not possible, so I asked the family for a photo. Based on this image, I made my diagnosis and determined the best type of stimulus resonator, which I then energetically linked with the photos of the patient. This way I established an energy resonator, which was indeed very small, but worked continuously throughout the day. The next day my patient’s aunt enthusiastically came to me saying: “It’s a miracle! Marta has spoken, ” I learned that around the time when I activated this new therapy, to the surprise of all the doctors present Marta sat up without assistance and said one word: “Yes.” Another cranial CAT scan showed strange and incomprehensible thing: the primary mass of the tumor had disappeared, leaving only marginal remnants. Since then I have used this method many times, but only for my personal clients. I think now is the time, with the multiplying applications for distance healing, to provide this service to the wider public via the Internet.

How is distance healing conducted?

I have expanded my own unique system with two proven steps to enhance the process and reinforce it. Before you begin the actual procedure, it is recommended that you detoxify your body. Distance healing then begins, and the process concludes with stabilization using biologically active supplements. The biodiagnostic healer prepares the resonator and everything needed to initiate the healing, it’s pretty challenging, typically about two hours of work or energy.

1. Detoxification

Detoxification or body cleansing can be done in many ways. Our body has the natural ability to get rid of unwanted substances which have entered your body through eating, drinking or the frequent use of synthetic drugs. The largest liquidators of our waste are our kidneys and intestines. If you eat a lot of sausages, canned food, processed cheese, colored soft drinks, sweets, hard alcohol, our natural mechanisms for breaking down these chemicals becomes impaired. It is then necessary from time to time to help out our kidneys and intestines by cleansing or detoxifying the body. The best known methods are enemas, yogic cleansing instruments or intestinal showers.

2. Therapy

Takes place either through the use of detox patches, or mostly in parallel with the use of patches. The effect takes place through the client and the selected photo, using a unique resonator which acts consistently and continuously. Unlike traditional means of sending Reiki energy, or healing effects, which are also excellent, our method is particularly delicate, intense over the long-term and continuous. Reiki can also be sent over distances (past, future and present), but years of experience have shown that the resonator operates continuously and intensely, and that’s the point, to maintain the flow and to keep it stable over time.

3. Stabilization, maintenance

The final phase is just as important for the entire process. The thing is to maintain your improving state and good situation and to retain it as long as possible. I therefore recommend either top-quality traditional Chinese medicinal products or other appropriate supplements that promote long-term stabilization and improvement.

Distance healing – How does it really work?

It works on the principle of the energy-information field, everything is simply energy, energy creates everything, whether tangible or not. Most of this energy we cannot usually see or measure. We are able to tune in to information on this plane, not only for any human being. The healer selects an appropriate resonator, which always has a positive effect on the client, and then connects them together. You can think of it, for example, as when you feel you need sunshine, or as if I sent you a package, etc. Of course, this is only a “rough indication” of how it actually works.

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