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The minimum treatment period is 1 month, after one month please write if You want next healing period. You then decide whether to continue with the distance healing therapy. Before we start healing, please, send paid in advance by bank transfer to the following account – IBAN: CZ54 6210 6701 022 0935 8547, SWIFT: BREXCZPP, account holder: Vladimír Cvrk, Vlhká 167/11, 602 00 Brno – CZ.

Most my patients fall into two categories:

1. First, if you have no sense of improvement, we can either stop working altogether, or you can start with traditional Chinese medicinal products which I highly recommend. If you find traditional Chinese medicine too expensive, we can choose other alternative quality products, such as herbal extracts, “classic” teas, etc. 2. If you experience a positive effect, this means you’re a bit more sensitive and distance healing has an immediate effect on you. In this case, we can continue therapy without additional supplemental patches.

Price fordistance healing:

1 month 60 € 2.00 € per day!
3 months 120 € 1.33 € per day!
6 months 180 € 0.98 € per day!
12 months 300 € 0.82 € per day!

Please note, the number of patients is limited to 12 !

Along with the treatment I offer our range of other affordable products:

The following form is intended for people who want to undergo therapeutic treatment remotely. If you are ordering distance healing for your relatives, friends, etc. Please also provide your information in the second part of the form (to identify and contact you).

    Write where the client is (if in a hospital, write "hospital" with name and address).

    Please upload your photos, preferably on a blank (single color) background, face and shoulders only, similar to an ID photo. The photo should be a maximum of 6 megabytes in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff. If you fail to send the photo, we will notify you and you can send it later.

    Please provide your name when ordering remote broadcasts persons other than yourself. This will only be used to contact you.