Distance healing

Professional healer

Hello, my name is Vladimir Cvrk and I am a professional healer. I have many years of experience in the field of alternative medicine dating back to 1990, when I began to work in the Slovak Republic. Since 2005 I have been working in the Czech Republic in Brno, where I help run the Relaxation Center PYRAMIDA.net. My specialty is alternative medicine and counseling, including distance healing.

Who can benefit from distance healing?

This method cures most chronic or poorly treatable diseases for which conventional medicine does not yet have a known treatment. I treat numerous diseases in people before, during and after surgery (for recovery), people who are exhausted, have chronic fatigue syndrome and are weak, people under stress or in different life situations to improve their condition, reduce tension and stress, or provide hospice care to people already on the verge of death (to assist them in their exit to the other side), etc. Distance healing sometimes works immediately with 100% success in some cases, sometimes it takes longer and does not achieve the results the client desired, but there is always significant improvement.

Advantages of distance healing.

  • Consists of a unique system of continuous exposure.
  • Cures diseases, or achieves marked improvement (if it is “possible”).
  • Allows you can stay at home and pursue your own activities.
  • Work at a distance, without attending to the patient (“with the approval of higher beings”).
  • Treatment is very inexpensive, a few cents per hour.
  • Distance is irrelevant (you can be on the opposite side of the globe).

The basic principle of distance healing can be divided into 3 phases:


Cleansing the body is important, using natural detoxification cleansing methods.



Healing with your own unique system of remote healing energy broadcasts (distance healing).



Long-term stabilization of all internal organs with a biologically active supplement (BAS).



Try an alternative approach to order a remote broadcast of healing energy today.


Why try distance healing?

You know, people pay for expensive drugs that do not help with their sickness; and what exactly does this entail? Constant visits to the doctor where they have to wait for long periods of time. Ever increasing fees for drugs, doctors and hospital stays. So not only do you lose a lot of time, but you spend a lot of money on chemical drugs, most of which have all sorts of side effects, not just health benefits. The list of drawbacks goes on, so it is worth experimenting with alternative methods to save yourself undue psychological, physical, and financial burdens and also save time.

How should you behave during distance healing?

First I would like to point out that you don’t have to do anything, it’s all about freedom of choice, access to life and personal responsibility. Still, it is good to follow the steps described for “detoxification” and especially “stabilization” because it makes the process faster and better. Distance healing is a process and as such should have certain rules and sequences. My work will still be effective even without these steps, but usually takes a longer period of time, after which I’ll have to operate. It is also important to stay hydrated and take in 1.5 to 2 liters of spring water a day. Get enough rest, sleep and stay in harmony as much as possible.

What will I feel during distance healing?

Most clients are divided into two groups, both of whom feel significant improvement. Sometimes they feel fatigue, more acute feelings of the problem, temporary deterioration and then subsequent relief, because the intensive cleaning starts the curative process in the body. Very sensitive individuals (who are very few), mostly perceive warmth, tingling, as well as cold, pressure and waves, etc.

Your healer, Vladimir Cvrk.