Autism of a 3 – year-old child

11. 4. 2013 000 15:54

Lukáš was born a healthy baby, but in his first year there was a compulsory vaccination, I do not remember against what.
Soon he got very strong attack and convulsions. Since then, his mental development stopped.
He was hyperactive, uncooperative, had attention deficit disorder, phobia of foreign space, eating only liquid diet and overall diagnosis made ​​for suspicion of autism.
Because I live near Brno, I drove with him directly to see the healer. But Lukáš was afraid of foreign space, he cried, he did not cooperate at all. Therefore, we agreed to try the method of distance healing.
The next day after the start of treatment, I noticed a change in Lukáš eyes. His eyes were expressionless, but surprisingly, i started noticing some little sparkling. From this point there has been a change, he would pull me out and and express interest in wanting to know how something thereby is called. Together with the therapies used in tiny extent, traditional Chinese medicine products, namely liquid extract from Cordyceps sinensis.
So far only the first month of treatment, the results are promising, I hope that the methods of alternative medicine together with my healer turn away the threat of adverse diagnosis and Lukas grow up healthy, normal baby.

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